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Duane Marshall



Pastor Duane is ordained as a Pastor through the Assemblies of God International Fellowship.  He completed final examination in Scotland, United Kingdom, in 2008 with a specialty study area of the Holy Spirit.  He also holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Pastor Duane has a 30 year career in corporate America and has owned various businesses.

Outside of church he fashions himself as a Barbecue Aficionado/Grill Master.  He loves to travel the world for ministry, business, and vacation to explore and meet people of different cultures.  

He has a passion for deep understanding of God’s Word and loves sharing it practical terms that are easily adapted to everyday life. He takes his role as a husband, father, and son as a pure gift and pours himself into each one which brings him great joy. 

He is totally stoked about pastoring and has a love for people of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds.  His smile will welcome you, his genuine humility draws you in, his love for people keeps you coming back!


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Lisa Marshall



Pastor Lisa holds a Bachelor's Degree in Public Administration from Colorado State University in Pueblo, Colorado. 

She is a very anointed Psalmist and is our Praise and Worship Pastor at LCE.  

She is loving and kind, has a big heart for children, and loves to travel and eat ice cream.  She's super sweet.